I am happy to announce several developments related to the 31st APT biennial conference to be held at Princeton Theological Seminary, April 13-15, 2012.

a.    Conference theme: “Practical Theology and Sacred Texts”

b.    Keynote speakers: Richard R. Osmer and Beverly Roberts Gaventa. Drs. Osmer and Gaventa will present and interact on the topic of “Paul the Apostle as Practical Theologian: Contexts of conflict.”

c.    Call for papers:  The Association of Practical Theology will hold its 31st biennial conference at Princeton Theological Seminary April 13-15, 2012. The APT executive committee invites proposals for papers or panels examining the APT 2012 Biennial Conference theme, “Practical Theology and Sacred Texts.” Proposals on any of the following themes are especially encouraged: (1) sacred texts as themselves examples of practical theology on the part of the authors and communities from which they emerged; (2) how practical theologians have used, do use, or should use sacred texts in their work; and (3) from the point of view of practical theology, what are sacred texts? Proposals should be up to and no more than 750 words. Proposals should be electronically submitted as double-spaced Word documents. Proposals should not include information that would identify the author. Please include a separate document that provides identifying information about the author (i.e. name, institution, etc.). Proposals will be selected by a double-blind peer review process. Please submit proposals to [email protected] by January 30, 2012. The Association of Practical Theology values diversity in scholarship as an important factor contributing to academic excellence. Toward that end, if there are ways in which your work diversifies scholarship in practical theology of which you would like to make the executive committee aware, please include an additional statement of no more than 100 words describing the diversities informing your scholarship.

Please look for further updates and details about the biennial conference at Princeton Theological Seminary in the next few weeks!