2014 Annual Conference

Religion and Education in the (Un)making of Violence

The Religious Education Association (REA) is inviting paper proposals for their 2014 Annual Conference, Religion and Education in the (Un)making of Violence to be held in Chicago this November. The deadline for paper submission is May 1, 2014. This conference will be focused around the problem of violence and the function of cultural and religious imagination in its making and unmaking.

Religious educators’ scholarly instincts could shed light on the dimensions of faith/spirituality/religiosity and the dimensions of teaching/learning:

  • On the teaching/learning of violence, how do various mediums of “religion” and “education” function explicitly and implicitly to produce matrices, mindsets, or cultures of violence?
  • On our efforts to find clues for the “un-making” of violence, how do the very tools and mediums of “religious education” offer distinctive yet cross- or inter-disciplinary contributions?

For further elaboration of the theme and guidelines for submitting proposals, visit: www.religiouseducation.net/rea2014/call/

Information contact: [email protected]et