Journal of Disability and Religion Call for Papers for focused issue on Jean Vanier. See last line for addressing questions.

The Journal of Disability and Religion (Brian Brock and guest editor Benjamin Wall, SITD’s 2017 Jean Vanier Scholar) is inviting contributions to a special issue focusing on “Jean Vanier” (which will appear February 2020).

This is the top peer reviewed journal in the field of disability and religion, and so this is a great opportunity to have your work presented in a high-profile scholarly journal.

The special issue will focus on theological, anthropological, and philosophical explorations of Vanier and L’Arche beyond the standard narratives that tend to focus on certain gestures and virtues that constitute life within L’Arche. Topics and themes of particular interest include but are not limited to: Vanier’s ineradicable reliance on family images, and more specifically images of the psychology of emergence from the mother, the primal wound; Vanier’s reading and use of Aristotle in the shaping of his theological-anthropology; Vanier’s connections with the worker-priest movement; Vanier’s connections with French Roman Catholic Personalism; theological and philosophical figures and traditions in the shaping of Vanier and L’Arche; and L’Arche’s embodied epistemology to name a few.

We are looking for 7–10 papers that are at least 6,500 words, and would be delighted with longer papers.

The deadline for abstract submission is January 15 2019.

If you would be able to submit an abstract of 250–500 words by that deadline it would be greatly appreciated. We intend to evaluate and respond to all abstract proposals by March 15, 2018. Final drafts will be due August 15, 2019. The articles will be published in volume 24.2, which is due February 2020.

Please let us know as soon as you are able if you think you would be able to submit something, if at all possible—and if so, how long you think your contribution might be.

If so, you would need to upload your papers through the Taylor & Francis site. All the instructions are here:

It is highly likely that all the papers that are published in this issue of the journal will then republished in a book form. Should this project come to full fruition, your paper will therefore get double exposure, in the journal and then again in the published book, which will also contain additional articles, but will not appear for another year or so. That volume will be similar to this one:…/…/ref=mt_hardcover

If you have any questions about questions please direct all correspondence to Benjamin Wall at [email protected]