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The Association of Practical Theology (APT) promotes critical discourse that integrates theological reflection and practice. Reconstituted from its predecessor organizations in 1984, the APT was sparked by the investigation of practical theology as an integrative hermeneutical endeavor at the heart of theological education, characterizing not only the ministerial sub-disciplines but also a manner and method of engaged reflection.


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Due March 8th, 2023



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By Kate Common

Archeological research across Israel and Palestine unearthed new histories of the Israelite tradition that challenge the violent conquest narrative in the Bible. These findings can reshape Christian identity and faith practices at this critical moment when the Israel-Gaza War rages on and many churches seek to deal with violent Christian pasts. Undoing Conquest interprets the archeological research from a feminist and decolonial theological perspective and designs a new liturgical season called the Season of Origins. The season integrates archeological histories and centers justice work at the heart of the church’s annual rhythms.