2020 American Academy of Religion Conference Call of Papers


Call for Proposals for the APT session at AAR in November 2020 is live, with a deadline of March 2, 2020. Proposals can be submitted through the AAR’s PAPERS portal. https://papers.aarweb.org/content/welcome

Here is the call:

The Association for Practical Theology seeks proposals sharing critical and constructive approaches to teaching practical theology in online and hybrid classrooms. In particular, we seek experienced reflection on how professional, personal, and spiritual formation can be effected in online settings. We also value attention to how the embodied, contextual, liberative, and relational aspects of teaching valued in our discipline are enacted in mediated environments. Proposals of no more than 750 words should include the title and primary focus of your proposed presentation, a plan for how the content would be taught within the AAR context (we are working to avoid reading papers to one another), the presenter’s experience in teaching online, and the subdiscipline(s) within practical theology in which the presenter teaches.

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