Call for Manuscripts – Theology in Practice Series (Brill)

Theology in Practice extends the horizons of the discipline and scholarship of practical theology. It promises to enrich the academic discourse and supply material of interest to scholars and professional graduate students. Books in the series will be in conversation with scholarship in the discipline and reflect engagement with diverse voices in the field (e.g., gender, race, international). They will feature developments in the theories of practice, experience, culture, and action that define the discipline, while also attending to the close study of lived faith and theologically significant practices. Authors will range from senior scholars presenting mature research to young scholars pursuing promising fresh avenues. The series is also open to edited volumes on emerging topics. Audiences will be practical theologians and other interested scholars and graduate students in established and emerging geographical, institutional, and religious contexts. 

Call for Manuscripts 

For more information regarding the series and possible submissions please contact Brill’s Acquisitions Editor for Theology and World Christianity, Tessel Jonquière (mail to: jonquiere@brill.com).


Editors-in-Chief: Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore, Vanderbilt University, USA, Elaine Graham, University of Chester, UK 

Editorial Board: Tom Beaudoin, Fordham University, USA, Eileen Campbell-Reed, Union Theological Seminary, New York City, USA, Joyce Ann Mercer, Yale Divinity School, USA, Anthony Reddie, Bristol Baptist College, UK, Phillis Sheppard, Vanderbilt University, USA, and Claire E. Wolfteich, Boston University, USA 

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